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Retail & EV


The retail industry is currently undergoing a major transformation as a result of new and innovative technologies, evolving customer expectations, and emerging digital assets. These changes are causing significant disruption, and it has become more important now than ever before to follow the latest trends to achieve desired results.

With customer-centricity becoming increasingly crucial, creating a positive experience is a top priority for businesses. Retail automation is helping entrepreneurs keep their customersinterested in their endeavors, and the expansion of sales and marketing channels is becoming imperative for success.
At TDS, we are committed to creating hyper-connected and engaging experiences for our clients and their customers. We firmly believe in helping our clients stay agile and adapt to modern trends and business process optimization. With our siloed strategies and business model options, we enable seamless, omnichannel visibility for our clients. Our end-to-end approach significantly contributes to achieving their desired outcomes.


The Group is venturing into the EV – two-wheeler and logistics domain. In April 2024, the Group initiated a joint venture in a lease model with a EV manufacturer based out of Delhi- NCR. As part of this venture, the Group has already launched 200 vehicles in association with different e-commerce partners. This is a significant milestone for the Group and is an indication of their commitment to providing innovative solutions to their customers.

Moreover, the Group has projected an annual plan of 5000 vehicles across the country for the year 2024-2025. This is a testament to the Groups ambition to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle space. The Group is committed to providing an efficient, sustainable, and environment-friendly solutionto their customers.
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