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The COVID pandemic has completely transformed the hospitality industry, leading to a heightened focus on minimizing contamination risks and ensuring safety for all. In light of these challenges, the TDS group has taken a proactive approach to address these concerns and provide efficient and top-notch services to our customers.

To achieve this, we have implemented strict safety and hygiene standards across our services, from hotels and hospitals to convenience stores and restaurants. Our experienced team of experts understands the guidelines associated with these offerings and has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers in the wake of COVID19.

Our hotels, Hotel KLG, Hotel South-End, and Hotel Turquoise Chandigarh, have established a reputation for excellence in the hospitality industry. We are acknowledged for offering quality and value of services to our guests. Combining state-of-the-art 4-star facilities with dependable service in a caring environment, our hotels present the ideal choice for business and leisure travelers. Our well-appointed rooms with all the basic amenities and luxury provide the best comfort to our customers. We take pride in our unmatched service, ensuring that our guests needs are well taken care of during their stay with us. In addition to our
exceptional hospitality services.

TDS Group also provides an adventurous experience to its customers in Shimla, particularly for corporate clients. We strive to create a memorable experience for our guests and cater to their needs in every possible way.
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