Temporary Staffing

In this time of intense competition and fluctuating economy that is often on the leeward side, companies try every bit possible to trim down expenditure and maintain profit margins.

With change in market scenario, temporary staffing is being much sought after. It is beneficial both for companies and employers alike.

TDS Group supply manpower according to the requirement of an organization. Many times, companies have projects that are there for specified duration, lasting from 1 to 5 years. They need fresh hands and they need it temporarily. At TDS Group, HR solutions are tailor made according to requirement.

How temporary staffing is beneficial for employers?

  • In temporary staffing, it is not mandatory to continue the employment of concerned people.
  • It saves cost as you pay only for the time duration of the project.
  • It is not mandatory to provide various types of employee benefits that are associated with permanent employment.

How you can benefit from the service of TDS Group?

  • We provide you personnel who have specialized qualifications that are expected for time duration projects.
  • Staffs provided for temporary employment are seasonal workers and are willing to relocate where the project is undertaken.
  • Credentials and experience of each person is being evaluated thoroughly before they are been sent to you. Means they come ready to be put on work by you.
  • New start-up organizations that are looking to cut extra expenditure can benefit from our experience and HR solution services.
  • Candidates get the opportunity to acquire diverse experience by working in different environment.