Managing Director’s Message

MD MessageBack in late 1990’s when TDS Group was set up and was very much in its nascent stage, there had been considerable negative approach towards recruitment and consultancy firms, and far and wide it was believed by people that these firms are a hoax.

A small fish dirty the whole pond

Wrong doing of a handful of people had spoiled the image of all recruitment / consultancy firms. Mr Arvind Baloni had a mammoth task ahead of him, for he not only had to promote his consultancy firm, but before that he had to clear the negative thoughts from the minds of people.

Mr Arvind Baloni, as smart and intelligent he always had been, came up with the concept that no money or fees will be charged from the employees till the time they have been recruited and have settled completely.

  • Dream
  • Focus
  • Honesty
  • Determination and
  • Achiever

These are the five characteristic features of the working of Mr Arvind Baloni which led him and his company to where it is now.

At present, TDS Group can boast of providing employment to more than a lac people and the number is growing every day.

TDS Management Consultant Private Limited, headquartered in Mohali is a nationally recognized company with an annual turnover of around 400 Crores. TDS Group has now grown into a big corporate house and has its interests in Recruitments, Hotels, Retail and Real Estate, among others.

Managing Director’s Vision

Life and career of Mr Arvind Baloni is marked by free and fair means. He achieved his present stature in life by helping others. He started making his living by helping other people to earn a livelihood. He is a live example that hard work and honesty does pay you sooner or later and his life has been an example for others to follow.

The greatness of this man can be seen from the fact that he does take the complete credit for his success rather he thanks his employees and people working for him for the success. He is of the view that when like-minded people get together who have similar vision in life; great things are just bound to happen.

Come join with us and grow

                    कामयाबी के सपने वो नही होते जो हम सोते हुए देखते है,

                                                                                         कामयाबी के सपने वो होते है जो हमे सोने नही देते !!